Heart Work Services:

Lisa guides clients in connecting with their inherent wisdom. She specializes in mindfulness-based grief counseling, end-of-life planning, and euthanasia decision making as these relate to human-animal relationships. Lisa is part of a network of animal professionals, including veterinarians, to whom she refers clients for specialized care..


Non-Medical Treatment Planning:

When an animal becomes ill there are many factors which may need to be addressed simultaneously. The first is usually how to know whether to pursue treatment in terms of the well-being and quality of life of both the animal patient and their human family. Physical, emotional, spiritual, and financial concerns generally all come in to play.


End-of-Life Planning:

When one realizes that the death of their animal is approaching, there are multiple ways of working with the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs that arise. It is extremely significant to identifying what “wants” to happen, or still needs to be “lived” during that remaining time. One can understand and establish ways of working with the situation as it presents itself.


Hospice Support/Planning:

In experiencing the illness and death of our dear animal, euthanasia is an option we face in the decision making process which is often painful and confusing. Understanding our own needs and resources, both physical and emotional, is imperative in making that end-of-life decision. Grappling with how to understand what our animals both want and need is part of this extremely important process. Most everyone wants for themselves and those they love to die painlessly in their sleep. In some circumstances people wish to support their animal in dying naturally. Making the decision to provide hospice to our animals as they die is a profound decision, one which requires much effort and planning. Lisa can provide guidance, and information in making that decision.


Euthanasia Counseling:

Being faced with the option of euthanasia is a deeply profound decision, one no one wants to make. It calls into question so many of our beliefs and is laden with emotion. Lisa is experienced with this decision and can help to understand and bring awareness to it’s complexity, creating family-centered support, guidance, and education in the process of considering euthanasia.

Like birth, death is a profound rite of passage, one that requires us to let go while simultaneously finding new ways to be connected. Lisa understands the significance of ritual and memorial planning as a natural part of mourning and honoring the lives of our beloveds. She can assist you and your family in creating rituals and memorials that honor and remember your departed, beloved animal.


Grief Counseling:

No matter how much we plan, death comes as a shock. Grief is the complex process by which we begin to understand and negotiate what the world will be like, now that this beloved one is gone from their physical body. It involves the existential questions that are part of our human experience and requires that we mourn the loss. Grief is a profound, complex, unique process that involves our whole selves. Having experienced the loss of her own beloved animal, Lisa is uniquely capable of understanding the complexity and pain of such a loss, which, though ruggedly dark also has the potential to be rich with nameless gifts.